Your Wedding Day

It’s the most important day of your life. You want everything to be perfect. I understand. You’ll have enough last minute things to worry about as it is. You don’t want to have any doubts about the music. You need the best.

Wedding Prices

For local weddings (Broward and Palm Beach Counties) I charge $350.00 for the first hour, and $150.00 for each additional hour. Outside my local area add about $1.00 per mile. These are just general starting points. I will give you the best quote I can as soon as I know the specific location, date, and times.

My Set-Up

The ceremony and cocktail hour are usually in different areas. Typically I’ll play the ceremony on the beach, then pick up my drums and walk over to the patio, where an amplifier for my background music is set up and waiting. This way there is only a brief pause between ceremony and cocktail hour music. This set-up and move is all included in the 2-hour ceremony/cocktail hour agreement. Additional costs begin when extra PA systems are needed, or a 3rd location is involved.

Microphone for Officiant

Most officiants don’t bring a microphone and PA system to the beach. I can provide all of that for you. Your guests will hear every word of your vows above the sound of the wind and the crashing waves. $100.00 includes a battery-powered PA with a wireless microphone.

Song Selections

While guests gather for the ceremony and take their seats I entertain them by playing acoustic versions of well-known love songs like ‘Over The Rainbow’, ‘Can’t Help Falling’, and ‘It’s A Wonderful World’. Sometimes the bride gets delayed and we have to wait a little longer. I have lots more songs to fill up the time, however long it takes. When the bridesmaids start down the aisle ‘Pachelbel’s Canon’ is the standard processional song. When the bride enters it is time for ‘The Bridal Chorus’, otherwise known as ‘Here Comes The Bride’. When the newly married couple turns to exit at the end of the ceremony I play ‘The Wedding March’. Everyone recognizes it. I’ll send you all the information you need to make the song selections. And with videos of me playing all the songs at actual beach weddings the process is very easy.

Special Requests

You may have a special song you want played at your wedding. If I don’t know it, I will do my best to learn it. But, it’s not included in my fee. I’ll usually spend 10 to 20 hours learning and preparing the song for public performance. For older well-known songs I am able to buy sheet music on the internet. For more obscure selections I can usually find a recording of the song and learn it from there. You can decide for yourself when you hear it how much my effort was worth. I recommend a $50.00 tip if you think it’s okay; $100.00 if you thought I did a great job. As you’ll notice on my videos, when I play a song it sounds like the song. It’s not just a jam session that kind of reminds you of the song. Everyone who knows the song will recognize it right away. That’s my style.

DJ Services

Sometimes dance music is needed later in the night. After dinner people need to get up and stretch their legs. I’m no substitute for a real DJ who can emcee your event, but if you just need some great dance music played through a good sound system for a few hours – I would love to stay and provide that for you. Of course, you can pick out all the songs, or send me a list of your favorites.

I arrange and record all my background tracks myself so that I sound like a small band. I don’t use tracks or amplification during wedding ceremonies. Steel drums are not loud, but the sound really travels, so everyone will hear the music.

Steel Drum Music LLC is licensed and insured in the State of Florida