Event Prices

For events within 100 miles of my location, my fees start at $500 for the first hour and $250 each additional hour. Packages and √° la carte prices listed on the weddings page. Please contact me¬†with your event’s date and location. I will be happy to send you a quote. All major credit cards accepted.


When all the times, locations, and other details are set I’ll send you a contract. Then you can send me a $100 deposit. It’s that simple. You’ll have nothing more to worry about as far as the music is concerned. I’ve been working professionally playing music in South Florida since 1980. I’ve performed at over one thousand weddings. I am one on the busiest musicians in the area and possibly the most popular steel drum wedding musician in the world. You are in very good hands.

Shopping Around

If you’ve searched online you probably noticed that no one posts their prices like I just did here. I do this to save us both time. You won’t find anyone better at what they do than me. My prices are very fair and competitive. If I am already booked up on the day you are interested in I will put you in contact with other steel drum players in the area. I know most of them and I will only refer you to the best. You won’t get friendlier service or better communication from any entertainer anywhere. I’ve got bookings two years in advance, but sometimes there’s a cancelation, so shoot me an email – I might be available this weekend!

My Set Up

I usually work as a one-man-band. I rarely need to amplify the drums. I can play them loud on the beach or soft in a restaurant. Either way, the sound of the steel drums travels very far. Also, if anyone needs to make a speech I can bring a microphone – no extra charge.

I have 4 different sound systems so I’m ready for any situtation. All my equipment is the best money can buy. I can also play on boats or beaches where electricity is not available or amplification is not allowed. I play Jimmy Buffet tunes, Harry Belafonte calypsos, Bob Marley reggaes, salsa, samba, country, Hawaiian songs, etc. I’ll be glad to email you my current song list.

Steel drums need shade from the sun. The drums will go out of tune if the mid-day sun shines directly on them. Playing them while they are hot will seriously damage the instrument. In other words, I don’t need to be in the shade, but the drums do. So please let me know if I am going to need an umbrella.

I can set up on your patio, in the grass, on your roof, or in the sand. I’ve done it all!

Steel Drum Music LLC is licensed and insured in the State of Florida